About Us

Welcome to Star Cabs.

We are a locally owned taxi service, which specialize in the delivery of hassle-free taxi booking services for both locals and foreigners. Our cab service guarantees to deliver a comfortable and safe service to anyone with the best network of local cabs. Whether you are looking for an airport taxi service or a local taxi company to help you with getting from one place to another, you can contact us.
Take a look at the vehicles we have in our fleet and continue with the booking form to confirm your reservation.

Star Cabs is the most versatile, diversified cab service provider in Sri Lanka. With years of delivering exceptional transport services, we have grown into a massive diversification with all kinds of transport services.
Our drivers and staff members are dedicated to delivering the most exceptional services to our passengers. Our drivers have schedules that do not collide with our passengers, allowing them to be at their best. Our timely delivery of services has brought us thus far in the industry.


StarCabs cab service is the most popular, reliable, safety and comfortable transport Company in Sri Lanka.

Our Main Branches

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